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Resume of Ursula Basch

224 East 27th Street, Apt. 5B
New York, NY 10016
Tel: (212)532-9322


Bachelor of Chemical Engineering
Pratt Institute

Botany Program
New York Botanical Garden

Two Year Herbal Program
Herbal Therapeutics School of Botanical Medicine

Herbal Apprenticeship Program
With Pam Montgomery - Northeast Herbal Association

Herbalist Teacher Training
With Rosemary Gladstar - United Plant Savers

Teaching Experience Highlights:

Long Island University Graduate Center
Brooklyn, New York
Guest Lecturer
Medical Botany - An overview of common plants used for health purposes and how they are used in herbal medicine historically and currently. Discussion of the different herbal formulations.

Herbal Bear Workshops
New York City and Grand Gorge, New York
Founder and Instructor for Herbal Bear Center
Offering year round classes in herbal studies.

New York Botanical Gardens
Bronx, New York
Medical Botany - a 10 week course for NYBG certificate students as well as health care practitioners. Class includes botany, medicinal uses of plants, phyto-chemistry, and herb/drug interactions. 
Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants - a 3 week course covering medical plants of the fall season, including Medicinal Plant Preparations Workshop and herbal formula development

Wave Hill
Bronx, NY
Botanical Workshop: Witch Hazel & Herbal Skin Toners & Creams
Botanical Demo: Culinary & Medicinal Uses of Aloe & Agave

Womens' Herbal Conference
Petersburg, New Hampshire
Herbal Energetics -An Eastern View of Herbal Formulations - adapting techniques from traditional Chinese herbal medicine to Western herbal formulations.
Herbal Medicine Making - introduction to Medicinal Plant Preparations Workshop.
Understanding The Science of Plants - an introduction to the basic chemistry of medicinal plants.

Mountain Top Arboretum
Tannersville, New York
Spring Tonics and Edible Herbs - field walk focusing on medicinal plants found in springtime

Brooklyn Botanical Garden
Brooklyn, NY 
Spring Tonics and Edible Herbs - medicinal herbs found in springtime.
Herbs for Colds and Flu - medicinal herbs for cold symptoms

New School for Social Research
New York, New York
Guest Lecturer
The Role of Herbal Medicine in Health Care Today - the historical role of herbalism in medicine and its current resurgence. Also covered - drug/herbal interactions, politics of mandatory licensing and other key issues relevant to the practice of herbalism.

Beth Israel Hospital
New York, New York
Guest Lecturer
Herbal Support for Liver Function - for HIV Health Care Providers - herbal actions and support for liver functions with emphasis on liver damage associated with medication and disease.

Staten Island Aids Task Force
Staten Island, New York
Guest Lecturer
Herbal Support for HIV Clients and HIV Health Care Providers - introduction
to herbal medicine with special emphasis on herbs for, liver function and immune system support.


New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
Environmental Engineer

Responsible for permitting, inspecting, and enforcement of NYS environmental regulations.
Work experience involved all environmental engineering programs including water pollution, solid waste disposal and air pollution.

New York State Department of Economic Development
Environmental Engineer

Technical and Environmental Assistance Program 
Responsible for the USEPA mandated environmental assistance program for small business in NY State. Technical development of hazardous chemical training programs for small industries.