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April 2010 Newsletter

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  • Oats - A gentle herb for your nerves.
  • Books on Herbal Stress Relief
  • The 2010 Botanical Medicine Program - Starts June 12th (New payment plan available)
  • The Herbal Bear Classes
  • Vacation in the Catskills

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Avena sativa 

(Avena sativa)
By Ursula Basch - The Herbal Bear School     

Fresh milky Oats, the actual Oat seed, is an important and useful remedy in nervous exhaustion.  Oats action upon the nervous system, although not strongly sedative, is relaxing and useful in promoting restful sleep.

Oat seeds

Often used in combination with Skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora), Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata) or Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) Oats is an effective treatment in insomnia. The ability of Oats to reduce irritable states generally also makes it an important remedy in the treatment of stress, and oats have been used to help wean people nicotine addictions.

Used topically, oatmeal is an excellent remedy for inflamed, irritated or itchy skin.  To be used topically, 2 cups of oatmeal should be placed into a clean knee-high stocking or sock.  The filled sock is then tied at the top or secured with a rubber band to contain the Oats.  A tub should be run with the hottest water and the Oat filled sock is then tossed into the bath.  Allow the bath water to cool to a comfortable temperature - usually 20- 30 minutes.  You can then bathe using the sock to sponge the irritated or itchy areas of the skin.
The consumption of Oat bran, the outer casing of the Oat, is believed to lower LDL ("bad") cholesterol, and possibly to reduce the risk of heart disease. In January 1998 decision the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued its final rule allowing a health claim to be made on the labels of foods containing soluble fiber from whole oats (oat bran, oat flour and rolled oats), noting that 3.00 grams of soluble fiber daily from these foods, in conjunction with a diet low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and fat may reduce the risk of heart disease. In order to qualify for the health claim, the whole oat-containing food must provide at least 0.75 grams of soluble fiber per serving. The soluble fiber in whole oats comprises a class of polysaccharides known as beta-D-glucan. Beta-D-glucans, usually referred to as beta-glucans, comprise a class of non-digestible polysaccharides widely found in nature in sources such as grains, barley, yeast, bacteria, algae and mushrooms.
Oats contain more soluble fiber than any other grain, resulting in slower digestion and an extended sensation of fullness. By adding fiber and bulk, oats taken as food can aid in chronic constipation.


Some books on Herbs and Stress Management that may be of of interest:


(All titles below have a link to

We are still accepting students for this years class!

2010 Botanical Medicine Program  Student gathering herbs

A six weekend intensive program for those interested in a well rounded education in herbal studies. This class is designed to give  students a solid foundation in herbalism.  Each class we will learn about herbs for the different systems including: the digestive, nervous, cardiac, reproductive, and immune system.  Students will learn plant identification, harvesting techniques, medicinal plant preparations and herbal formula development.   This class is held in the Northern Catskills on a private 30 acre property.  Many of the medicinal plants we study are growing in our gardens or found on our property.  Unlike other herbals classes, this class incorporates field work with the plants.  You will be able to see, study and harvest medicinal plants throughout the entire growing season.  This class is designed for beginning and intermediate herbal students. For a full description of this class - please follow this link

Program Dates

The 2010 Botanical Medicine Program meets for all of the following dates:

Saturday, June 12th - Sunday June 13th, 2010
Saturday July 10th - Sunday July 11th, 2010
Saturday August 14th - Sunday August 15th, 2010
Saturday September 11th - Sunday Sept 12th, 2010
Saturday October 2nd - Sunday October 3rd, 2010
Saturday October 23rd - Sunday October 24th, 2010

Program Cost:

Option 1:
Full Registration. Pay in full: $3150.00. Click HERE.

   -   or   -

Option 2:
Registration with Easy Payment Plan: $3600 in 6 monthly installments by automatic credit card payment. Begin by April 15, 2010.

If you have any specific questions about our programs, please feel free to contact us


Upcoming Classes:

The following classes are listed by program dates. To view classes listed by location please see our programs page. To view a full description of the class or to register on line for any class please click on the individual class.


Vacation in The Catskills


Our beautiful Catskill cabin, when not being used for The Herbal Bear School's teaching, is available for your vacation rental. 


Small two bedroom cabin located on 30 wooded acres in the Northern Catskill Mountains of New York State. Three hours drive from New York City, approximately one hour drive from Albany, NY. Weekend and weekly rentals.

Cabin can accommodate up to four people. Outdoor hot tub, 24 ft above-ground pool, secluded pond, and acres of beautiful mountain views. Satellite dish TV, satellite internet, and free phone calls to any of the 48 continental United States.

Our cabin is a pet friendly accommodation.

For more information vist:

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