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Application Form Information:

The application is designed to give us information about who you are and why you are interested in the Herbal Bear Botanical Medicine Program. Based upon your application we can assess whether or not our program will meet your needs and expectations.  Please relax with the application. It is only a tool to help us get acquainted with you. It is not a test.

The most important thing we look for in our students is a desire to learn and a commitment to completion of the program. We may contact an applicant if we have questions regarding their application. There are only a few reasons why a person would be denied acceptance to our program. The first and most important reason is that from the start, the applicant knows they will be unable to attend many of the classes. Another reason is that we may not believe that the program will meet the needs or expectations of the student. (For example: a student really wishes to learn homeopathy. We do not cover this topic in detail. If homeopathy is the student's primary focus, we would try to recommend a program or resource where the student could find more information about the topic). And the third, most common reason is that our program is already fully enrolled. No matter what the circumstance, we always try to contact the prospective student directly to discuss any of our concerns, or to inform them that the program is full and inquire as to whether they wish to be placed on the waiting list. It is our intention to be as inclusive as possible in offering our program and we thank you for your interest.