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Dean Ornishe's Book oh Cardiac Health

Dr. Andrew Weil
I thought by now everyone knew about Dr. Andrew Weil…
Dr. Weil has many popular programs that have been shown on Public Broadcasting Stations (PBS). He is one of the first "mainstream" medical doctors to publicly talk about the benefits of "alternative therapies". He had published a number of books - "Spontaneous Healing" is one of his best.

Caroline Myss has an interesting discussion about the psychological and spiritual reasons that people don't accept healing. Her candid discussion can help overcome the roadblocks we place in our way and lead us to a place where healing can take place.

"The Burning Times", one of a three part series on women's spirituality, explores how women were at first exulted then persecuted for using and passing the knowledge of herbal medicine. An interesting look at the history and politics of herbal medicine.