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Grand Gorge - Public Transportation

The bus company that provides service to Grand Gorge New York is Adirondack Trailways. The bus has an extremely limited schedule. All students who plan on attending an Herbal Bear Class and wish to use public transportation must call us ( at least a day in advance of your trip) and indicate that will need a pick-up from the town. Student's whose classes start on Saturday mornings will need to arrive the day before (Friday evening). There is only one bus leaving NYC on Friday evening. It usually leaves somewhere around 6 p.m. and arrives in Grand Gorge at 10 p.m. These are estimated times only and change slight from year to year. Each student is responsible to call Adirondack Trailways directly and confirm the schedule and the fares. The cost of public transportation is not included in the class fees. Please note that the bus fees and schedule change on a seasonal (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) basis.

Adirondack Trailways

Commuting from NYC to Grand Gorge.