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The Herbal Bookstore - Books on herbs, herbal medicine, alternative medicine, herbal soap making, herbal crafts, vegetarian cooking and more. Also listed are some CD's that I personally like, and Health Related Books, DVDs, and VHS Tapes.

Introduction - by Ursula Basch

Welcome to the Herbal Bookstore!

I have been studying, practicing and teaching herbalism since 1982.  Over the years I have read and bought a number of books on herbs and herb related topics. In the beginning of my herbal studies, I bought a number of books with little or no knowledge about what I was buying.  Sometimes I bought the books on a whim.  Other times the title caught my attention, or perhaps the book cover was attractive.  I just knew that I loved herbs and wanted to get my hands on anything that was written about them.  However, I was often disappointed when I purchased books this way.  My best purchases were made by listening to the  recommendations from experienced herbalists who knew their subject and could offer advice about various herbal publications.  This is what I hope to do for you.  I have grouped the titles by subject material.  I have also rated them into three categories: basic, intermediate and advanced.  Some books are so good that even though they are considered basic, you might want to add them to your own herbal library. These books are marked with a blooming flower like this: The Herbal Bear recommends this book

If you are interested in purchasing any books listed in the site, you may do so by clicking on the title.  This site is operated in association with  I have found to be a reputable, reliable and efficient company (and they have excellent prices!).   Often times the books arrive in two days! I have not listed the prices here, since they change every now and then.

I hope you find this page helpful.  If you have any questions or comments, you can write to me at:


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