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Mountain Valley Growers

California, USA

USDA Certified organic company that offers organic herbs and vegetable plants. Phone: 559-338-2775

Laurel's Heirloom Tomato Plants

California, USA

100 varieties of strictly organically grown heirloom tomato plants.
Phone: 310 534 8611

Renee's Garden

California, USA

Offers heirlooms, certified organic seeds.
Phone: 1-888-880-7228

My Heirloom Seeds


California, USA

100% Non GMO Heirloom seeds, non hybrid and open pollinated. They have signed the safe seed pledge.
Phone: 310.773.5936

Bountiful Gardens

California, USA

Open-pollinated non-GMO seeds for vegetables, herbs, flowers, grains, green manures, compost and carbon crops. Phone:707 459 6410

California, USA

Organic and non-GMO seeds, organic fertilizer, organic weed and pest control. Contact: 530-272-4769

Kitazawa Seed Co.

California, USA

Oldest seed company in America specializing in Asian seeds. All of their seeds are non-GMO and many open pollinated varieties.
Phone:(510) 595-1188

Farm Direct Organic Seed (Hobbs Family Farm)

Colorado, USA

Certified organic garlic, open-pollinated seeds, fresh vegetables and many more. Phone:719-250-9835

Botanical Interests

Colorado, USA

GMO-Free seeds and plants. Over 500 varieties to choose from.
Phone: 877-821-4340

New England Seed Company

Connecticut, USA

Chemical-free seed products, Organic vegetable, flower, and herb seed. Non GMO Seed
Company Contact: 800-825-5477

Mary's Heirloom Seeds

Florida, USA

They offer all organic, open-pollinated, non-gmo and non-hybrid seeds. All the seeds that you order will be "Free shipping" and will be delivered within 24 hours expect for holiday. You can contact them thru the online form in their website.

Crispy Farms

Florida, USA

They sell homegrown meat, dairy produce, pantry items and non-GMO plants and seeds. Contact them thru the online form in their website or

Eden Organic Nursery Service Inc.

Florida, USA

They offer organic and hybrid seeds for vegetables, tobacco seeds, medical and healing plants and many more. Contact:(954) 382-8281

American Organic

Illinois, USA

Their products meet all USDA National Organic Program requirements. This seed was not produced from genetically modified varieties and was carefully grown. Contacts: 815-745-1018 and E-mail:

Great Harvest Organics

Indiana, USA

They are selling organic corn, wheat and soybean seeds. Contact: 317-984-2364 and Email:

Blue River Hybrids

Iowa, USA

It is an independently owned and operated by dedicated people who wants to provide you the highest quality organic seed corns, organic soybeans and organic forages. Contacts: 800.370.7979

Seed Savers Exchange

Iowa, USA

Registered and non-profit organization dedicated to saving heirloom seeds. They have an online catalog. Contact: (563) 382-5990 and Fax: (563) 382-6511

Skyfire Garden Seeds

Kansas, USA

Over 125 varieties of heirloom tomatoes; rare eggplants. Heirloom peppers and more. All of these seeds are all open-pollinated, non-GMO and no-treated seeds.

Wood Prairie Farm

Maine, USA

Offering organic potato seeds, organic fertilizer and many more.
Phone: 1-800-829-9765


Maine, USA

Offer seeds, organically grown seedlings, seed potatoes, orchard, farm and garden supplies.
Phone: (207) 426-9900

Annie's Heirloom Seeds

Michigan, USA

Offers a wide range of vegetable seeds like broccoli, beans, asparagus and many more.
Phone: 800-313-9140

Grannys Heirloom Seeds

Missouri, USA

They offer non-hybrid heirloom seeds, heirloom herb seeds and garden tools and needs. Contact: 1-800-274-3899

Pantry Garden Herbs

Missouri, USA

Organic vegetable and organic herb plants.
Phone:(877) 572-4142

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Missouri, USA

Over 1450 varieties of vegetables, flowers and herbs-the largest selection of heirloom varieties in the U.S.A. All of their seeds are non-hybrid, non-GMO. non-treated and non-patented.
Phone: (417) 924-8917

Hudson Valley Seed Library

New York, USA

Offer heirloom and open-pollinated seeds- non-GMO- no hybrids
Phone: 845-204-8769

Livingston Seed

Ohio, USA

Livingston Seed is a wholesale company, selling only to the trade. Have signed the Safe Seed Pledge and are proudly GMO-free.
Phone: 800.848.2970

Dust Bowl Seed

Oklahama, USA

GMO-FREE seeds of garlic, onions, beans and many more.
Phone: 918-207-6053

Family Farmers Seed Cooperative

Oregon, USA

Organic, open-pollinated, public domain seeds for farmers.
Phone: 541-233-4249

Victory Seeds

Oregon, USA

Offers heirloom and rare open-pollinated seeds to home gardeners. Non-GMO
Contact: Fax: (503) 829-3126 and E-mail:

Adaptive Seeds

Oregon, USA

Seeds are not hybrids, patented, or genetically modified. They have a wide range of vegetable seeds.
Phonet: (541) 367-1105

Heirloom Seeds

Pennsylvania, USA

All their seeds are open pollinated (non-hybrid) and untreated, and non-GMO.
Phone:(724) 663-5356

The Ark Institute

Pennsylvania, USA

Offers 100% non-hybrid, non- GMO and chemical free produced seeds. Contact:(800) 255-1912 and

New Hope Seed Company

Tennessee, USA

Open-pollinated and heirloom vegetable seed varieties that are rare and not readily commercially available. Non-GMO.

Center Of The Webb

Texas, USA

They specialize in rare seeds - they have flower and heirloom and organic seeds and some really unusual "weird and wonderful" vegetable and fruit seeds too. Email:

Diane's Flower Seeds

Utah, USA

Open-pollinated and heirloom flower seed. They also sell heirloom tomato, vegetable and herbs seeds. Non-GMO.

High Mowing Organic Seeds

Vermont, USA

Offers 100% organic vegetable seeds, herb seeds and flower seeds
Phonet: 802-472-6174

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

Virginia, USA

Offer many unusual, Southern heirlooms, including peanuts, southern peas, naturally colored cotton and many more.
Organic and Non-GMO.
Phone: 540-894-9480

Backyard Beans & Grain Projects

Washington, USA

Offers vegetables, berries, peas and more. All of their seeds are open-pollinated, non-GMO and non-hybrid. Contact: (360) 224-4757

Filaree Garlic Farm

Washington, USA

Offers organic garlic seeds and organic potatoes. They are certified annually by the Washington State Department and the USDA.
Phone:(509) 422 6940




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